PTV Visum

Multimodal Transport Planning

PTV Visum is transportation planning software that allows you to create robust transport models for visualizing and testing future scenarios.

Appraise planned transport projects before their implementation.

Easy to learn and fast to use

Get instantly up and running with our ready-to-go data model and GIS layers. Scripting is optional in PTV Visum and GIS is completely embedded. You will save time and money, yet deliver more.

Investing in the future

PTV Visum is always one step ahead. Model shared mobility solutions, integrate big data and visualise your solutions in 3D. Join PTV in our exciting journey to shape the future of mobility.

Multi-resolution & multimodal modelling

Build your integrated model including all modes of transport and seamlessly integrate with the world’s leading micro and hybrid simulation solutions PTV Vissim and the brand new SBA method.

Turning Big Data into Intelligence

New Data Sources for Transport Modeling

The Advantages

Known world-wide & respected by both customers & scientists
Strong customer support available
Intuitive user interface
Seamless & integrative within the PTV Traffic software family
Accurate & detailed results
Supports investment decisions
Used world-wide, respected by both customers & scientists
Investment protective
Intuitive user interface
Seamless & integrative within Vision Traffic software family
Descriptive & convincing results
Strong service available

Use Cases

No matter if you are involved in multimodal, public private transport or public transport engineering, PTV Visum supports your daily work in any use case.

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