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Solving Traffic Engineering Problems
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PTV Group supports the ITE organization and we are committed to making a difference in the transportation industry. Six months out of the year, PTV Group has a published ad in the ITE journal where we highlight some key features within Vistro. Click the image on the right to view our ad in the journal and to read more about these features, visit our Traffic Inside blog.

PTV Vistro is your all-in-one solution for conducting traffic analyses, evaluating new development impacts, and optimizing signal timing. It is easy to use, can be used on multiple computers, and comes with PTV's professional support. Includes Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) and Canadian Capacity Guide (CCG).

Can all of your traffic analysis needs be met at the push of a button?

Giving traffic a green light

PTV Vistro allows you to quickly optimize traffic signals at an intersection, a corridor, or a network to generate green waves, and maximize capacity.

Modeling made quick and easy

An intuitive user interface supports your project workflow, from network and intersection set up, to trip generation and routing to signal optimization. A built-in scenario manager enables quicker project completion.

The perfect fit

PTV Vistro seamlessly links to PTV Visum and PTV Vissim, providing a multi-resolution, end-to-end solution–combining demand and simulation for all your traffic analysis needs.

Turning Big Data into Intelligence

New Data Sources for Transport Modeling

The Advantages

A tool specifically for traffic analysis
PTV Vistro offers functionality for conducting traffic impact analyses (TIAs), and signal timing studies.
Integration and flexibility
Traffic networks generated in PTV Vistro can be exported seamlessly to and from PTV Visum and, using the ANM interface, to PTV Vissim.
User friendliness & efficiency
Map aerial photography, drag & drop, "snap-to-handles", intersection templates and simple tabular data input make modelling easier.
Scientific and state-of-the art
Close cooperation with the scientific and research community allows us to consistently set new standards in the field of software-based traffic and transport planning.
Used world-wide, respected by both customers & scientists
Investment protective
Intuitive user interface
Seamless & integrative within Vision Traffic software family
Descriptive & convincing results
Strong service available

Use Cases

PTV Vistro is unique in that it provides the functionality to conduct traffic impact analyses and signal optimization in a single program.

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