PTV Vissim

Simulate multimodal traffic with precision

With PTV Vissim you can simulate and visualize all forms of traffic, and how they interact, in a single detailed model.

How will the future of mobility effect traffic flow?

Model faster than real-time

Plan and optimize the operation, effectiveness and design of many smart technologies–which adapt to varying traffic conditions, and calibrate or replicate the individual local conditions of where you are modelling.

Expand your modeling

PTV Vissim is flexible, connecting to numerous interfaces, allowing multi-resolution modeling through seamless integration with other PTV products, as well as external applications to increase the detail of your models.

Support your decision-making

PTV Vissim provides a realistic virtual representation of all aspects of traffic flow and control, based on sound scientific behavioral models to support your decision making.

Turning Big Data into Intelligence

New Data Sources for Transport Modeling

The Advantages

Dedicated motion models for motorized traffic, bicycles and pedestrians make a valid assessment and a realistic representation of all traffic-related aspects possible.
Virtual testing of autonomous vehicles
The leading multimodal microscopic simulation software, for the evaluation of the behaviour of any level of automated vehicles as a cost-effective and efficient alternative to field testing.
Flexibility & integration capacity
The generic COM interface allows you to interact with external applications.
Maximum accuracy to detail
With our links and connectors concept, you can map your network in detail and model different geometries – from a standard node to complex intersections.
Ease-of-use & productivity
The graphical user interface has features for creating & editing network objects and their attributes, and numerous options for outputting results, all ensure ideal user-friendliness.
Scientific approach
We always incorporate the latest findings from research that sets new standards.
Used world-wide, respected by both customers & scientists
Investment protective
Intuitive user interface
Seamless & integrative within Vision Traffic software family
Descriptive & convincing results
Strong service available

Use Cases

Whether you're involved in multimodal public private transport or transport engineering, PTV Visum supports your daily work in any use case.

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