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PTV Visum is the world's most popular transportation planning software to support strategic and operational decision making. Allowing our users create robust transport models for visualising and testing future scenarios.


Use our broad range of training options and bring your work with PTV software to perfection.

Client On-Site Training

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Certified Trainer

The PTV Certified Trainer program trains and tests qualified industry professionals to deliver PTV certified courses, specifically in Vision Traffic Suite, the leading software for transportation planning and traffic engineering. Learn more here.

Turning Big Data into Intelligence

New Data Sources for Transport Modeling


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Project Support

Do you require support in the building up of a transport model or conducting surveys and statistical analyses? Our team will support you.

Drawing up and editing transport models

These days a powerful transport model is absolutely indispensable to perform essential tasks in the field of transport planning and assessment in cities, regions and countries. We would be delighted to create and edit a transport model for you and support you in the initial application phase.
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Implementation & analysis of transport surveys

Information about the population’s transport behaviour is very important in order to develop and calibrate transport models. This data can be collected in surveys, providing a completely up-to-date and accurate picture of the demand for different types of transport.
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