The Ultimate Traffic Optimization: Adaptive Signal Control with Real-Time Predictive Modeling

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Co-authored by Shaleen Srivastava, Vice President and Regional Director (Americas), PTV Group and Jim Benson, Strategic Alliance and Marketing Director, Intelligent Cities, Current, powered by GE. Traffic congestion is one of the more frustrating—and seemingly unavoidable—parts of urban living. Gridlock can have a huge impact on the quality of life for city dwellers, not only in terms of time spent ...

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Initiating the Lisbon Mobility Study

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Former Secretary general of the OECD, Jose Viegas launched a study about shared transportation in Lisbon, Portugal. PTV Group was instrumental in this international study by providing modeling and simulation with the use of MaaS Modeler, Visum, and Vissim. Click below to watch the video.

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Curbside Management in Cities- Part 3

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The previous whitepapers in this series focused on the curb in urban areas. They noted the history and who is accessing the space, along with the increase in demand of curbside real estate, as well as the effects of increased congestion. To combat congestion and increase curb access, reallocation solutions have been suggested. Using compiled data from today’s vehicle use, ...

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Curbside Management in Cities- Part 2

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Many cities have an incomplete idea of curb-use rules and limited understanding of group interaction. These limitations must be addressed as cities consider how to establish rules for the curb space in the future. Current curb space allocation inventories are fragmented, scattered, paper-based, and rarely updated. Lack of organized data limits public authorities’ ability to evaluate current curb allocation and ...

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Curb Management in Cities- Part 1

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CURB REAL ESTATE is a dynamic issue that requires studying, and eventually, policy. The International Transport Forum (ITF) is a division of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), that includes 59 member countries, and is the only global body that covers all transport modes, and remains politically autonomous. Recently they conducted a study to examine the role of ...