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Title:Pick-Up Drop-Off (PUDO) Operation in Vissim Presenter(s): Betsy LaRue Location: PTV America 2019 Annual User Group Meeting: New Orleans La Betsy, a member of the PTV America Technical Team, demonstrates multiple ways to simulate pick-up and drop off operations in PTV Vissim. Download the presentation:      


Webinar – What’s new in PTV Viswalk 2020


PTV Viswalk 2020 succeeds the previous version 11. The latest version of Viswalk upgrades your fire emergency simulations by integrating results from Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS). Viswalk 2020 also includes many features that refine the simulation of every-day situations: from the behavior of people exiting elevators, through bus passengers boarding with suitcases, to commuters getting into over-crowded trains. With this ...


Webinar – What’s new in PTV Visum 2020


 PTV Visum 2020 succeeds the previous version PTV Visum 18. This latest release pays special attention to modelling electric, autonomous and ride-sharing vehicles. With powerful new simulation tools, cities are now able to analyse, plan and predict the use of those new methods of transport. Another new feature allows users to consider individual personal movements (ABM). As usual, we’ve ...


PTV Talks: Modeling Autonomous Vehicles in PTV Visum 2020

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PTV Talks is joined by Dr. Anett Ehlert from PTV Visum’s product management team to discuss the new features in PTV Visum 2020 to model autonomous vehicles. We walk through the new capabilities available in both static assignment and simulation-based assignment and how to consider “AV-ready” infrastructure. Additional Resources Download the presentation. PTV Talks: CoEXist, Preparing the ...


PTV Talks: Supplementing Public Transit OnDemand Service in Zurich Case Study

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Christoph Baur, Mobility Analyst from Zurich Transportation Authority (VBZ) joined PTV Talks to present the future mobility vision and how the Zurich Public Transit System plans to operate fixed route services supplemented with OnDemand. He will also be highlighted how mode shift for the new OnDemand Services is expected to come from existing transit riders or other transportation modes. 


PTV Talks: Hot Seat


PTV Vissim’s Product Management Team joins PTV talks where they are presented with feature requests from users.


Webinar: What’s New in PTV Visum 18?

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Watch the recorded webinar below to see PTV’s Michael Oliver explain the latest features added in PTV Visum 18. PTV Visum 18 New Features Include: Up to 50% speed improvement in some assignment procedures Dynamic OD matrix estimation (DODME) Dynamic Sub-Network Generation Distributed Procedure Sequence Multi-run support for Simulation-based Assignment GTFS Import Upgrade Public Transit Headway Offset Optimization Additional Resources ...


PTV Talks: CoEXist, Preparing the Transition to Automated Vehicles with PTV Vissim

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Presenting the approach of CoEXist (https://www.h2020-coexist.eu/) to make microscopic traffic flow simulation AV-ready. We show the data evaluation from current prototypes of CAVs which was collected on different roads (freeway, arterial, urban) and how we calibrated it within PTV Vissim to achieve a represented car-following behavior of CAVs which can be used to test for example the throughput on freeway ...