PTV Optima

Real-time traffic forecasting

Thanks to PTV Optima, operators at traffic management centers can provide current and future traffic information automatically with real-time and model-based data.

Are you one step ahead of the congestion?

Real-time traffic forecasts

Managing traffic involves increasingly complex challenges. Set up your traffic management for the future by relying on a solution that interacts with your network. Monitor your entire network and receive traffic forecasts.

Reliable support for decision-making

Create traffic management strategies using customized traffic guides and test them in variety of parallel simulations online. This creates trust in the measurements, and provides your team with reliability in case of emergencies.

Integration into existing infrastructures

PTV Optima fits into your existing IT infrastructure. It can be easily connected to your traffic control center, as well as to tools for traffic management. Our interfaces allow seamless integration into larger software solutions.

Turning Big Data into Intelligence

New Data Sources for Transport Modeling

The Advantages

Map-based monitoring
Automated warnings & notifications
Intuitive web-based GUI
Evaluate numerous scenarios
Manage & display complex events
Map-based editing
Used world-wide, respected by both customers & scientists
Investment protective
Intuitive user interface
Seamless & integrative within Vision Traffic software family
Descriptive & convincing results
Strong service available

Use Cases

PTV Optima is the key to successful traffic management. This model-based solution offers precise, real-time traffic information for the entire traffic network, and produces reliable forecasts 60 minutes into the future.

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