PTV Mobility On-Demand (MoD) and Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Shared Mobility and Public Transit Planning

PTV Visum and MaaS Modeler allow you to plan customer centric multi-modal integrated transportation networks and to quickly understand the impact of the sharing economy, autonomous vehicle concepts and electrification of various modes.

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“What is the best solution I can provide to my traveler with my current budget and resources?”

Public transit design for low density areas

Quantify the customer-, financial-, and operating impacts of possible operating alternatives. Examples are replacement of low performing bus routes with on demand service, increasing service frequencies on main service routes while reducing other revenue service, or a completely On-Demand service concept.

On-Demand Feeder Service for Transit Hubs

What is the required fleet size during peak and off-peak? What vehicles sizes are most advantageous and how to determine a base capacity and possibly contracted out peak services. Understand operational, financial and traveler impacts as well as impact on congestion, travel times and emissions.

What happens to congestion and transit ridership?

Understand the probable outcomes of sharing concepts. Where and how much will congestion increase? Are shared mobility users former transit riders or single occupancy vehicle drivers? What are the main levers to impact the mode shift? Parking? Road Pricing? Smaller On-Demand vehicles? Shorter detour factors and wait times? How much can I achieve with my current Transit Budget?

The Advantages

Minimum Investment
Web-Based Interface
Truly Multi-Modal
Realistic Results
Independent of Provider
Integrates into PTV Traffic Suite
Used world-wide, respected by both customers & scientists
Investment protective
Intuitive user interface
Seamless & integrative within Vision Traffic software family
Descriptive & convincing results
Strong service available

Use Cases

See how cities are using PTV Visum and MaaS Modeller to understand the impacts of OnDemand and Shared rides on the future of transportation.

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