PTV Vissim Introduction- Web-Based Training [December]

Short Description

In our 4-part Introduction course to PTV Vissim, you will learn to construct a microsimulation network with static demand that contains common Urban and Freeway facilities. By the end of the course you should feel confident in PTV Vissim model construction and evaluation as well as some basic driver behavior, gap acceptance, and demand calibration techniques.


Basic knowledge or experience working within the traffic engineering or transportation planning industry


December 7th- Session 1: Modeling Fundamentals

  • Creating link geometry
  • Configuring speed profiles
  • Inserting static demand

December 8th- Session 2: Intersection Control

  • Stop Controlled
  • Signalized Control

December 9th- Session 3: Simulation Configurations and Evaluations

  • Demand Compositions
  • Simulation Scoping
  • Evaluation fundamentals

December 10th- Session 4: Calibration Fundamentals

  • Driving Behaviors
  • Gap Acceptance
  • Link Speed Calibration
  • Link Flow Calibration

Note: All courses are from 10:00 AM-2:00 PM PST.

Contact if you have any questions.


Dec 07 2020 - Dec 10 2020


10:00 am - 2:00 pm