PTV Vissim COM Programming in Depth – PTV Talks

Wuping Xin from KLD Engineering, P. C in New York, USA will be covering several in-depth aspects of developing PTV Vissim COM applications. It starts from an “under-the-hoop” introduction of COM technology, then introduces performance-improving techniques for PTV Vissim COM applications and approaches to enable the communication between PTV Vissim COM and various Dll-based PTV Vissim modules. A demo of multi-threaded PTV Vissim COM application will be presented to illustrate the caveats of PTV Vissim COM programming, together with code snippets in Delphi, C#, and F# illustrating best practices and the scope of powerful PTV Vissim COM applications from ordinary work-flow automation to a micro-service type of Restful PTV Vissim server for Browser apps.

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Jun 11 2020