Traffic Optimization for Signalized Corridors (TOSCo) Development and Evaluation in VISSIM – PTV Talks

David Florence form the Texas A&M Transportation Institute will describe the simulation environments created using VISSIM for the Traffic Optimization for Signalized Corridors (TOSCo) Small Scale Test and Evaluation Project. The TOSCo system uses a combination of infrastructure and vehicle-based components and applications along with wireless data communications at specially designated signalized intersections. TOSCo-equipped intersections continually broadcast information via DSRC messages to nearby vehicles about the intersection geometry, signal status for each phase at the intersection, and the presences of queues at the intersection. Mr. Florence will focus on the setup and operations of the two simulation environments after explaining He will also cover the advantages of using simulation for TOSCo, the traffic level simulation results, and lessons learned with respect to both using VISSIM for vehicle system design and the design TOSCo application.

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Feb 27 2020